Nocturnes(Kazuo Ishiguro/Faber and Faber)

She’d looked at me before, but this time it was different. This time I could feel her charm. It was like she had this dial, going zero to ten, and with me, at that moment, she’d decided to turn it to six or seven, but I could feel it really strong, and if she’d asked some favour of me – if say she’d asked me to go across the square and buy her some flowers – I’d have done it happily.「CROONER」(p.10)
‘Look, sweetie, listen. I hope your wife comes back. I really do. But if she doesn’t, well, you’ve just got to start getting some perspective. She might be a great person, but life’s so much bigger than just loving someone. You got to get out there, Steve. Someone like you, you don’t belong with public.’「NOCTURNE」(p.182)
‘No…’ He shook his head with what he hoped looked like nonchalance, ‘No. I think it works well, what we’ve always done. You suggest verbally, then I play. That way, it’s not like I copy, copy, copy. Your words open windows for me. If you played yourself, the windows would not open. I’d only copy.’「CELLISTS」(p.208)