Interpreter of Maladies

Interpreter of Maladies: Stories
Interpreter of Maladies(Jhumpa Lahiri/Mariner Books)

特に良かったのは、最後の「The Third and Final Continent」という短編で、カルカッタ→ロンドン→ボストンと、三つの大陸を移り住んだインド系移民を主人公とした物語だ。著者自身も、アメリカに住むインド系の二世で、どの話しもみんなインド系の人々が主人公になっている。
When she whipped out the hairbrush, the slip of paper with Mr.Kapsai’s address on it flutterd away in the wind. No one but Mr.Kapsai noticed. He watched as it rose, carried higher and higher by the breeze, into the trees where the monkeys now sat, solemnly observing the scene below.(p.105)
As strange as it seemed, I knew in my heart that one day her death would affect me, and stranger still, that mine would affect her.(p.282)
At last Mrs. Croft declared, with the equal measures of disbelief and delight I knew well:
“She is a perfect lady!”
Now it was I who laughed. I did so quietly, and Mrs. Croft did not hear me. But Mala had heard, and, for the first time, we looked at each other and smiled.(p.282)