Ghosts (New American Fiction Series, No 5)
GHOSTS(Paul Auster/Sun & Moon Pr)

To speculate, from the Latin “speclatus”, meaning mirror or looking glass. For in spying out at Black across the street, it is as though Blue were looking into a mirror, and instead of merely watching another, he finds that he is also watching himself.(p.146)
Little does he realize that this is the beginning of the end. For something is about to happen, and once it happens, nothing will ever be the same again.(p.165)
Anything is possible, says Black. But first of all, I’ve got to finish it. There are days when I don’t even know if I’ll live that long.
Well, we never know, do we? says Blue, nodding philosophically. One day we’re alive, and the next day we’re dead. It happens to all of us.
Very true, says Black. It happens to all of us.(p.188)
But of course you did, says Black, in a slightly mocking voice. Of course we’re friends. We’ve been friends from the beginning, haven’t we? The very best of friends.(p.194)
To remind me of what I was supposed to be doing. Every time I looked up, you were there, watching me, following me, always in sight, boring into me with your eyes. You were the whole world to me, Blue, and I turned you into my death. You’re the one thing that doesn’t change, the one thing that turns everything inside out.(p.196)